Trip to grandparents' house

It must be Golden week now in Japan; I heard about this long vacation from my friend Aso-san ♪

In my country there's no such long vacation now but just short ones on April 30th and May 1st, we celebrate our own Liberation day (Victory day/ Reunification day) and the International Labour day.
On these days off my family and I went to my grandparents's house in the countryside. We go visit them once in a while (*^-^*)


Trees and mountains and animals and fresh air overload. However I still prefer the city, since I can't live without the internet and computers and many things from the modern life xD.

One of the nicest things I got from this trip is that I got to borrow my cousin's ipad to play with it ♫ My father thinks that buying us those hi-tech things is spoiling us so he'd never buy one (laughs). I don't feel any need either, but it's still nice to have one. I kinda like drawing on it ♥


And on the way back we got to see a rainbow in the sky. Awesome ending for a trip! (*´Д`*)

[Fanart:hyde] MSG

Hyde in MSG

My fanart for Hyde in MSG! Just because MSG had his best extensions

Paris' is good too but MSG is the best (*´Д`*)

Please click the image for a bigger scan. All feedback appreciated ^^~


Actually I'm still yet to decide how I would use all my page I've created. It's too bothersome to update every single one ="=. I left my dA, so maybe only pixiv, fc2 and lj ?